After Trump?

     The dangerous embarrassment that is President Trump goes far beyond the pale of questionable behavior by previous Chief Executive.The vast majority of Americans now realize that Trump is not only a sexist, a liar, and an ignorant bigot, but a belligerent racist and an erratic, heartless and utterly unprepared leader. 


    He has to go. He will go. The timing depends not upon the abundant evidence of collusion with an enemy nation that will inevitably emerge from Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's heedless greed. Trump is already guilty of impeachable obstructions of justice. But gutless Republican still fear their leader's wrath and the prospect of a primary loss to a Trump-backed competitor. 


    Nonetheless Trump will be gone within the year. He will resign rather than see his tax returns exposed, and along with them, the evidence of his far-less-than-billionaire status. Belatedly Republican representatives will realize that Trump is a barrier to their re-election, to the implementation of their agenda.


    We need to heal the the hatred inflamed by Trump. And to look beyond the rage to the true reasons for his election and the popularity of anti-establishment candidates such as Bernie Sanders. Americans are overwhelmingly disgusted with their dysfunctional, corrupt government. They desperately want change. The problem is that America looked the wrong way -- toward the worst of the greedy millionaires who prop up the thin veneer of what remains of our democracy. 


    So, where to turn? Toward the values we all share, not the frustrations that divide us. Toward fair and free elections, uncorrupted by money. Toward volunteer citizen leaders, not career politicians. 


Check out Radical? Yes. Impossible? No. We can't restore democracy by fighting injustice, issue by issue, against a corrupt system. But we can gain the public will on ALL issues if we root out corruption. This way lies hope.


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