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Our Mission

To boldly go where no man has gone before. 

To leap tall buildings in a single bound.  

AND mainly to remind you via today's Trump outrages, why we all must stay vigilant and motivated to remove the greatest internal danger our country has ever faced to democracy and the health of the world. We all need to speak up, to act, to make change. This site is our attempt to keep us all motivated. 

With anti-Trump merchandise, we want to make a buck. And bucks for dedicated anti-Trump activist organizations. And give us all a sense of community, and a much-needed laugh, and a clear expression of our outrage, at the self-serving, lying, sexist, racist, greedy, deluded, ignorant, mean-spirited, obscene embarrassment of a man who disgraces and pains us all. 

In short, this guy sucks. And we don't want anyone to forget that.